Austrian boat builders Frauscher have given us plenty to covet over the years. But their latest release ups the ante: a gorgeous 46-foot yacht called the 1414 Demon. This looker of a low-profile watercraft is part speedster, part floating house, as it’s got everything you need to move four people across the water quickly. And all for the reasonable price of about $830,000.

Step onto the deck and you’re greeted by ample sunbathing space, plus an outdoor bar (important) and a small kitchen with a teppanyaki grill, sink, fridge and ice-maker. So there’s really no reason to head inside. But if you do, you’ll find a bedroom, a sitting area with a table, a bathroom and enough headspace to move around easily. All that means you’re equipped to spend time offshore exploring the sea while remaining comfortable.

As for skipping across the water, the hydrodynamic V-shaped hull slices through waves, and the carbon fiber air inlets keep the engines cool, resulting in good fuel efficiency on long journeys. Speaking of engines, there are two. You’ve got your choice of size, with the obvious pick being the twin 520-horsepower motors that allow this thing to reach a high speed of 44 knots.

Which, last time we checked, should keep you pretty safe from any erstwhile Bond villains.