Used to be that staying in a tent meant you were on a Boy Scouts expedition, camping at a national park or lining up outside of your local Best Buy to get a jump on Black Friday sales. And only one of those things is still an acceptable way to spend your time.

But now, you’ve got Blink, a new travel service from the Black Tomato people that’s offering you an extra personalized vacation experience. One with the chance to design your own trip to remote, untouched lands and stay in luxurious mobile tents. You can get in touch now to begin planning your custom getaway.

On the website you can choose what’s important to you, including the type of lodging you prefer. As long as that type of lodging is a tent, because where you’re going, there likely aren’t hotels nearby. So take your pick of safari tents, domes, tropical villas, yurts and more. As you can see, they’re a big upgrade from your standard, three-pole backyard setup.

From there, keep customizing that trip by inputting the type of environment you’d like to visit and how remote you want to be (near civilization, zero connectivity, etc.), plus amenities like bedroom furnishings, bathroom situations, cuisine and drinks. When in doubt, go for the premium bar. You can even select the staff who will tag along, like chefs, mixologists, butlers, spa therapists and a yoga instructor.

Now feels like a good time to mention that these trips aren’t cheap. But did you see that part above about chefs and butlers… in a luxury tent?