Watching ping-pong during the summer Olympics inspired us. Not to undertake a rigorous training regimen until we’re world-class competitors. No, that sounds too hard. But owning a really, really nice table… now that we can do.

Your average table is green or blue and made from some composite wood-like material. The net is nylon, the legs are wobbly, and, when not in use, you’ll just fold up that table to keep it away from people’s sight lines.

With colors ranging from black and white to neon green and see-through, these tables could be the centerpiece of your house, rather than something you keep in the garage.

But that’s not how they do things at Los Angeles-based Eleven Ravens, a custom table outfit helmed by a former pro. They’re more into the opposite of that. Namely: constructing gorgeous, conversation-piece tables from Lucite, solid maple or even bamboo. With colors ranging from black, white and neon green to see-through tables with no color at all. So the kinds of tables that could be the centerpiece of your house, rather than something you keep in the garage. Oh, and speaking of garages, these things cost about as much as a small car ($11,000 to $25,000).

To get started, contact the company to discuss some options. They’ve got several designs to choose from, and you can further customize things from there. Want a different color? No problem. Want your name and likeness engraved into the table? Just ask. They’ll be happy to accommodate. Then two to three months later, you’ll be the recipient of a brand new ping-pong table unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Well, it’s actually like what you’re seeing right here, right now. But you get the point.


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