We know. It’s cold, wet and the idea of stripping down to your trunks and hitting the lake seems like some far-fetched idea, only accessible in a distant, sun-drenched future.

Partly true. But dammit, it’ll be summer soon enough and, when it is, you’re going to need a boat.

So let us present you with this boat, the just-announced MasterCraft XT21, a 21-foot vessel that’s hitting that midsize crossover sweet spot—it’s fast, fun, agile and can hold all your friends, whether you’re wakeboarding, commuting to an island happy hour or just hanging out in the sun. If you’re interested in procuring one for yourself, start customizing your order now so you’re ready to get on the water when the weather warms up. You can do so via the build-your-own-boat interface on the website, or just place an order with your nearest MasterCraft dealer.

The boat itself features a new cockpit layout that can accommodate 14 people. It sports an ergonomic captain’s seat and even has an underseat cooler for keeping all your beverages cold. That’s something you can appreciate. The new rudder makes handling tight docks a breeze, and the engine options are three strong, ranging from 5.3 to 6.3 liters.

So it’s got all the power you’ll need to fit you and 13 friends while towing a wakeboarder across the lake this summer. That technically puts things at 15, but we won’t tell the Coast Guard if you don’t.