by Tyler V

In 2001, a little film titled The Fast and the Furious exposed an exciting and illicit underground street racing culture funded by a black market electronics ring and the infiltration of that world by a lone FBI agent. It caused an uproar among some political groups in regard to the resurgence of dangerous street racing in the real world. They claimed it glamorized theft and reckless driving, urging more young men into criminal lifestyles.

In reality, it was just a pretty cool action flick with hot babes and cool cars. The worst thing it probably caused was the trend of installing huge orange spoilers and easily-broken body kits on about five years’ worth of Honda Preludes.

Let’s not digress…in honor of Fast and Furious roaring back into theaters with all of the original actors and action, we’re going to take a look at the other half of the street-racing phenomenon’s winning formula: smoking hot babes.

Jordana Brewster

Jordana played the role of Mia Torretto, the disarmingly sexy and unattainable sister of notorious racer Dom Toretto (Vin Diesel). Like many of the women in the Fast and Furious series, she plays a tough chick from the wrong side of the tracks; however, Ms. Brewster is actually a very refined and intelligent actress who was Yale-educated–her grandfather, Kingman Brewster, was once President of the whole University. You might want to check our her turn as a sexy cheerleader inhabited by a parasitic alien (yes, that can still be hot) in The Faculty as well. The movie’s worth it for her, and Jon Stewart turning into an evil alien and getting drowned in a fish tank is a pretty sweet bonus too.

Eva Mendes

Eva, Eva, Eva. As one of the goddesses in the highest Chickipedia pantheon, we cannot sing her praises high enough. Her name graces almost every Most Wanted list. She’s been a gaggle of successful movies as either a sensitive-yet-sultry screen queen or a fiery Latina chick who doesn’t take anybody’s crap. (Are you sensing a theme yet?) Since you already know all of that, here’s something that you might not know: Ms. Mendes got her start in music videos, notably those of Will Smith. She provides the enticing voiceover that welcomes us to the beach in Smith’s song "Miami." See? You learn something new every day.

Christine Mendoza

Some models are not meant to be present at drag races; the most dangerous models are the ones that are so astoundingly curvaceous and beautiful that they cause the drivers to lose concentration and swerve off course as soon as the race begins (which is no easy feat, considering they only have to drive a quarter mile). Christine is hot enough to be banned for this reason; she still serves as a Hot Import Nights model, but she only makes her appearances in HTML pages for the safety of the drivers. Drivers and viewers both thank her.

Devon Aoki

Most guys remember Ms. Aoki from her charming turn as a mercilessly skilled and silent assasin in Sin City alongside Jessica Alba, Rosario Dawson, and Brittany Murphy. But, she also played a tough racer chick (remember the tough motif) in 2 Fast 2 Furious, and has even co-starred with F & F veteran Jordana in D.E.B.S. Extra points for intertexuality! A little-known fact about Devon (unless you are a Devon stalker, an entirely likely possibility) is that she was groomed to be a model by none other than Super-super model Kate Moss. A few photographers tried to tell her that she was too short to be a model, but then she got her dual samurai swords out and they changed their minds pretty quickly. That’s how you get ahead in the modelling business.

Nathalie Kelley

Nathalie seemed like a big star in a small role as Neela in Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. She’s just started her movie career and it seems like she should be destined for bigger things in the future. She’s actually Peruvian, but she grew up as an Australian girl near Sydney. Learning to drift was exceptionally hard for her, as she had just gotten her license before filming started. But she did actually learn to drift her car for the film. That’s more you can say for most guys who don’t even know how to drive a manual transmission, which immediately makes her all the more irresistible. You have to respect a girl that knows how to move a gear shift in just the right way.

Carolyn Savage

Carolyn is a vivacious and accomplished model for several tuner magazines. Despite being a little shy and reserved, her friends urged her to begin modeling in her early teens and she soon became confident in her ability to light up a room with her beauty. She’s from America’s Hat (also known as Canada) and is a force on any ice hockey team. That last fact is unconfirmed, but she’s hot enough to do anything she wants, so that should constitute all the research necessary to check that fact.

Michelle Rodriguez

Were you nervous that we’d leave off Michelle Rodriguez, the toughest (on and off the silver screen) in the entire series? It’s ok, she’s here now, and still ready to tell you exactly what’s going to go down. Surely you’ve heard the old cliche that girls get so pretty when they’re upset; well, that’s definitely true for the tough-talking Rodriguez, only she can also legitimately kick your butt if you aren’t living up to her standards. You can’t help but be captivated by a chick who’s willing to take charge. She’ll reprise her role as Letty in the latest installment of F&F.

Jenny Chu

Jenny’s the kind of girl next door that makes you want to get up early and run as fast as you can to the school bus stop so you can be the first one to see her when she walks up in the morning. She’s got the power to make a man forego his morning Pop Tarts. That’s strength. She’s also modeled for Hot Import Nights and Super Street Magazine, earning her the title of "Import Sweetheart." Check it out for yourself at her website, and you should be pretty agreeable to her claim for that title afterward.