Steampunk wizard Datamancer has two new peripherals out, and they’re nothing short of the amazing pieces the online community has come to expect from this techno-alchemist.

The first, The Reliquary, is named for the hallowed vessels that houses of worship use to keep sacred items on – saints’ bones and the like. It is so-named for the ornamental box the keyboard comes housed in. And, given the slavish devotion of his followers, Datamancer probably wasn’t far off from making a truly hallowed relic.

The second keyboard is more luxuriant – named The Marquis and styled after a chaise lounge from which, in theory, an actual Marquis could make broad, gilded proclamations. These luxury keyboards boarder on the overly-nerdy. But in just the write leather-and-brass workspace, a stylish man could certainly pull them off. The Marquis is up on eBay, now, for $1,500.