While it’s unpredictable what you’ll ‘get’ from a movie that’s in theaters just from seeing the previews, it’s sometimes best just to stay in and rent a movie you may/may not have seen but have certainly heard about over the years. At least that way, you have a shot at knowing what you are getting into. Some of these movies may be total chick flicks or flicks that only chicks want to watch, but you are popping it in as a means to an end. Here are a few flicks that are pretty much a lock to getting you some action after your date. The research has been done. Trust us.

Note: We’ve focused on more recent movies, since older classics can sometimes be hard to find on DVD right now. However, some women do love the old classics, so keep that in mind when planning your date movie.

The Notebook

Okay, this flick sucks less than we all assumed it would. We’re not sure why, but we could endure it and actually be semi-entertained by it. We all know chicks love it. It stars Ryan Gosling and the chick that got with Owen Wilson from Wedding Crashers. They have a complicated forbidden relationship that women live to see and has some great kissing in the rain sort of shots — something else women live to see and imagine it were them on the screen. It gets them in the mood faster than champagne and chocolate.

Clincher Scene for Her: The nursing home scene at the end.

Love Actually

No one does this kind of comedy/romantic stuff like the Brits. Hugh Grant makes us laugh and this flick shows him at his best. But there are like 5 million story lines that each cater to your date’s inner romantic needs. The good news is, you’ll laugh a few times. The bad news is, you’ll want to smirk at the syrupy scenes, but those are the ones that will win her over. Soldier through and count down the minutes to getting down time after she watches this with you.

Clincher Scene for Her: The kid racing through the airport near the end. That’ll get them every time.

Point Break

The greatest bad movie ever made. The dialogue sucks, the action is basic, and the situations are lame. But what is it about this movie that makes us watch it every time it is on TV? And it’s even more popular with the ladies. Maybe it’s the fact you can watch it while doing chores or whatever else it is you do when this is on TV. Regardless of the case, this is a movie your date will wanna’ get frisky after viewing it again (for the 37th time since it came out).

Clincher Scene for Her: The bank robbery where Keanu doesn’t have a mask. Classic action film cheese that the chicks love.

Body Heat

It’s a flick about people in mystetry/thriller situations that have a lot of sex. From our experience, this movie makes chicks want to do the exact same sex stuff. Like a lot of it and in some fancy ways. It’s also a movie that many of your dates have not seen since it is around 30 years old at this point, so it’ll be all new to them. But the sex stuff is never dated.

Clincher Scene for Her: Where she says, “You’re not very bright, are you? I like that in a man.”

Dirty Dancing

Yes, we know. This movie has some of the cheesiest lines ever, but we have to agree — “Nobody puts Baby in a corner!” Women know this movie is loaded with the cheese factor, but it’s a world they secretly wish they could live in. They’ll see you as a dude who understands this weird desire in them…and thus, want to reward you afterwards for it. And just so you know, she will be pretending you are Patrick Swayze lifting her high above his head.

Clincher Scene for Her: Okay, fine. The “Nobody puts Baby in a corner!” scene is undeniably the clincher.


Cher’s hair is big. And Nicolas Cage is annoying. But the ladies love this thing. We find it slightly boring — okay, way boring, but it’s a slam dunk for your closing the deal with your date. Almost know guy will suggest watching Moonstruck and this will win you huge points before you even push ‘play’ on your DVD player.

Clincher Scene for Her: Them meeting in the bakery basement. Sappy, but she’ll love it.

Basic Instinct

The movie has thrills and lots of knockin’ boots. Women won’t admit it, but they want to be Sharon Stone — when she was in her prime — and want to be able to cast a spell on men like she did to Michael Douglas. You will be the recipient of this desire. Most ladies haven’t seen this movie since it came out in the early 90’s and it will be a nice reminder that they like the naughty stuff sometimes.

Clincher Scene for Her: The candle wax scene. Yeah, you know the one.

Out of Africa

Epic. In the sense that you will get some epic sex after this. Especially considering you are willing to sit through all of it and pretend to enjoy it. Sure, some of the cinematography is cool and the acting is fine, but it’s not any guy’s ideal evening. But watch it with her and enjoy the benefits. Robert Redford somehow has that effect on women. We don’t understand it, either, but it’s a fact.

Clincher Scene for Her: Pretty much every scene with Redford in it.

China Moon

For you guys, Madeline Stowe is crazy sexy. Which is pretty cool. For the getting you laid part, she and Ed Harris make gals feel like they need to step up their game to impress you and after your get-it-from-Blockbuster night date.

Clincher Scene for Her: The canoe on the lake scene.

Sweet Home Alabama

Damn it, is this movie lame or what? But for some reason, ladies love it. And they watch it over and over again. The whole going-back-home-again story line always seems to get the women stirred up and this movie has that in spades. And it also has a dog’s graveside scene in it, and the rain starting up is just icing on the cake. Yeah, we’ve watched it a few times, too. But just to woe our date. Works every time.

Clincher Scene for her: When Reese Witherspoon decides not to sign the divorce papers (yuck). The women love it.

Top Gun

We think more chicks love this movie even more than guys — even though most guys will always say this is their greatest guilty pleasure. So at least it won’t be painful for you to watch. It’s uber-80’s-cheesy, but chicks will want you to be Maverick and you will want them to want you to be Maverick. And you can imagine her as Goose’s wife — whatever he name was in the movie. We think she was hotter than Kelly McGillis.

Clincher Scene for Her: The “Take My Breath Away” love scene.