There are certain fantasies pretty much every guy has. Hitting the game-winning three-pointer in the NBA Finals. Flooring a Lamborghini Huracán Spyder with the top down. Being Ronaldo for a weekend.

But perhaps the greatest guy fantasy of all? Actually dating a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model. Well, we here at Made Man believe anything is possible and you should absolutely pursue your dreams. So we recently caught up with the surprisingly flirty SI swimsuit beauty Anne de Paula to find out what you can do to win her affection.

Now grab a notepad and take a few notes!

Where are you from?
I’m from Rio, Brazil.

That makes sense. You sound Brazilian.
Do I sound Brazilian? Is that a good thing?

It’s a very good thing.
I have an accent. (Laughs)

OK, you’re from Brazil, so you know beaches. What is your favorite beach?
In the world?

In the world.
I think Anguilla was very good. It’s the one where we shot last year’s swimsuit issue. It’s beautiful. The one where I really want to go is the Maldives. Dream place, I really want to go. Have you been to the Maldives?

No, I’ve never been there. We should go.
We should go! Yes, we’ll have fun. (Laughs)

Let’s go tomorrow.
Yeah, why not?

It’s a date. Alright, what’s the best Brazilian beach?
I’m from Rio, which is in the south, but I think the north of Brazil has amazing beaches. Clear water, see-through, very beautiful.

What is the best way that a guy can approach you?
The best way? Definitely not online. Not online, no text, no DM.

OK. No sliding into DMs.
I think just smiling, being nice, and make me laugh. I think that’s a good thing.

Has that ever worked—just a guy coming out of the blue and approaching you?
No… but it will catch my attention because I will look and be like, why is he smiling at me? It’s always rare that somebody just walks up to you and smiles. But it’s nice!

Do you have a swimsuit preference on a guy?
I don’t really mind Speedos. I like them. In Brazil men wear Speedos. I feel like if you’re confident, then shorts, Speedos, it doesn’t matter.

That is the Brazilian way, right?
Yeah, just do whatever makes you feel good, and we will see. Because when you’re comfortable and confident, it will show through.

What about on you? What’s your favorite swimsuit?
I’m Brazilian, so tiny. Tiny bikinis. SI knows this—in all my photos, very tiny ones bikinis.

That works for us.
It works for all of us!

Editor’s note: At press time, Anne de Paula and Shawn Donnelly had not yet traveled to the Maldives together. But Shawn Donnelly is sure it’s just matter of time.

Photo: Getty Images North America/Craig Barritt/Stringer