There are certain fantasies that pretty much every guy has. Scoring the winning goal in the Stanley Cup Finals. Using a time machine to return to the ’80s to keep Eric Stoltz in Back to the Future. Being Fabio for a three-day weekend circa 1994.

But perhaps the greatest guy fantasy of all? Actually dating a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model. Well, we here at Made Man believe no fantasy is too outlandish for you to pursue. So we recently caught up with the lovely and talented—and funny!—SI swimsuit beauty Ebonee Davis to find out what you can do to win her affection.

Hint: It involves social media.

What’s the best way for a guy to approach you?
Well, my last couple relationships have started from Instagram, so I guess direct messages are an effective approach these days. But it just depends because I have to sort through the messages and weed them out, you know? It can’t just be, like, everyone.

So what’s the best way to slide into a DM with you?
You know, give a compliment or something. Be interesting. Not creepy. Don’t be creepy. Just don’t be creepy!

How can a guy ensure he’s not being creepy?
Just be a gentleman, you know?

And in real life, what’s the best way to approach you?
In real life, don’t be creepy. Ha ha! Just be gentle. I don’t like to be aggressively approached or talked to. So just… “Hey, nice to meet you.” Something like that.

Is there a piece of clothing on a guy that you find irresistible?
I like nice shoes.

You’re in the SI Swimsuit Issue. What style of swimsuit do you prefer on a guy?
I like the mid-thigh trunks. Those are pretty cute. Not the knee-length ones. Show a little skin.

What are your biggest turnoffs?
Aggression. Creepiness.

We’re sensing a theme.
Yeah. Ha ha.

What’s your own personal favorite type of swimsuit to wear?
I usually go for a bikini. Triangle cut. Probably small. Minimal material. If I’m somewhere hot, I probably want to wear the least amount of bikini possible.

Works for us!

Photo: Getty Images North America/Craig Barritt/Stringer