There are certain fantasies that pretty much every guy has. Tossing a game-winning touchdown in the Super Bowl. Driving the marquee vehicle at a monster truck rally. Being Kanye for a weekend.

Oh and let’s not forget… actually dating a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model. Well, we at Made Man believe anything is possible and you should absolutely pursue your dreams. So with an assist from our friends at Edge, we caught up with one of SI’s most stunning swimsuit models, the gorgeous and towering Lais Ribeiro, to find out what you can do to win the affection of a woman like her.

You might want to take a few notes…

You appear in a shaving cream ad in the new SI Swimsuit Issue. Do you prefer a clean-shaven man?
Actually, my boyfriend has a beard. Which I love. But he’s very American—he’s from Iowa—so every time we go somewhere, he shaves a little bit and makes it clean. So I like beards, but I like clean. You know?

Who is this boyfriend of yours? He’s from Iowa?
Yeah, he played basketball for Iowa State. Then he played professional basketball, but now he’s retired. His name is Jared Homan.

How did you two meet? How did he approach you?
Actually, I approached him. It was really rare for me. He’s a tall boy [6’10”]. I saw him, and I’m pretty tall—6’1”—so I was like, “Hi.” Then we started a conversation. And actually we had friends in common, and they introduced us, so that’s how it happened. We met in New York three and a half years ago.

So beyond height, what do you look for in a guy?
Being honest. Being yourself. Don’t push too hard because I don’t think anybody likes too much showing off. If you’re going to talk to me, OK, come and get it. Just don’t be too aggressive. Be yourself.

OK, let’s get to the important question. When you’re at the beach, do you want to see a man in a Speedo?
I’m Brazilian. I love it. I think it’s hot. It’s all about confidence. I was just in Rio, so it’s amazing to be at the beach and see all the men who are confident no matter what. Be yourself. I love it.

So confidence is everything.
Confidence is everything. Being yourself is everything, for sure.

What is the best date you’ve ever had?
I would say Valentine’s Day last year. I was pretty tired because it was Fashion Week. My boyfriend and I had a nice dinner and then we looked at each other. I was like, “We should just go home and watch Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg and drink wine.” It was one of my best Valentine’s Days because it was so good, and at the same time very funny.

So what are you’re doing with Edge, anyway?
Robin Holzken and I partnered with Edge for its ad campaign in the Swimsuit Issue, on newsstands now. It was really interesting. They rubbed shaving cream all over our bodies, but it’s great. It’s a 2-in-1 shave cream, so it’s a cream and a moisturizer, which is great for, you know, lazy guys. It was pretty awesome.

Speaking of lazy guys, what’s the one beach guys should visit to encounter the most beautiful Brazilian women?
There’s so many great ones. Everybody loves Rio, but it’s a lot of people. So there’s also Natal. There’s Porto Alegre. That’s one of the most beautiful cities. It’s great for kite surfing. Oh my gosh, there are so many. I can keep telling you all night.

Sounds good to us!