There are certain things every guy fantasizes about. Hitting a game-winning home run in the World Series. Starring in a Michael Bay film (and then shaving Michael Bay’s head while he’s taking a nap in his trailer). Being The Weeknd for a weekend.

But perhaps the greatest guy fantasy of all is… actually dating a woman who gets paid to pose in a bikini (or less!) in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Well, we here at Made Man believe anything is possible and you should absolutely pursue your wildest dreams, however unrealistic they might appear to be to your coworkers. So with an assist from our friends at Edge, we recently caught up with one of SI’s loveliest swimsuit models, the Dutch beauty Robin Holzken, to find out what you can do to win the affection of a scorching babe like herself.

Feel free to jot down a few notes…

What’s the best way for a guy to approach you?
In general, I say don’t go too hard. Some guys just go straight into it, and it’s kind of rude. Go slowly. Introduce yourself. Start lightly. I think that’s the best way. So no more pickup lines and all that stuff.

So don’t try pickup lines.
Pickup lines are kind of strange because now you’re just making it awkward for everyone. Just be yourself. Be funny, be charming, and don’t try to be someone you’re not.

Has that ever worked on you? Has a guy ever just approached you out of the blue, and you two started dating?
No. I’m still young, and I haven’t dated many guys to be honest, so that actually never happened to me.

Do you have a favorite type of swimsuit on a guy? Perhaps a Speedo…?
Oh my gosh, not at all. No, definitely not.

We’ve gotten mixed feedback on that one.
Just like a medium-sized swimsuit. Not too small, but not the big ones that some people wear. Just like a normal size. Nothing too crazy.

And not a Speedo?
Speedos are horrible. And they’re normally worn by men who are a lot older and all the hair and fat… no.

So what are you doing with Edge in the swimsuit issue?
Lais Ribeiro and I shot an ad for a new shaving cream. It’s a 2-in-1 shave cream, which helps guys moisturize their skin while they shave at the same time. When you’re dating, it’s always important to look your best, whether that means a clean shave or a trimmed beard.

Do you prefer a clean-shaven guy?
I do. I like baby faces. When there’s no hair. I mean, some guys, it fits, but for me, I prefer no hair on the face. And you, what do you prefer on guys?

On guys, long beards.

Yeah, like the ZZ Top-style, super long beards. It just makes us feel safer. But on women, clean-shaven.
Yeah? Not the beard?

Not so much. Do you have a favorite beach?
Oh, I’ve been to so many good beaches. I like the Maldives. And also Rio. It’s like a postcard over there. It’s so pretty. There’s not so much to do, but you just sit there and look at everything and sleep a little.

What are your biggest turnoffs?
When you’re not yourself or when you’re starting to be cocky. Some guys get that way because they get nervous and I think the most important thing is just be yourself. Try to do your best and make a good first impression.

What’s your ideal date?
I like more casual, simple stuff. Maybe go to a restaurant if you know each other better. Maybe a cinema or maybe the guy can cook. That’s always really cute when they do that, so that would be nice.

Photo: Getty Images/Timur Emek/Contributor