Meeting women is hard enough. Without having a sense of humor about the ups and downs involved, you may soon find yourself crumpled on the floor of a dive bar bathroom, weeping like Tom Brady does when he thinks about being drafted in the seventh round. (Seriously, dude?) Thankfully, our amigos at Tu Vez have humor in spades, as evidenced by Lucas Molandes’ most recent piece, “Hey Baby, Que Paso!?” Sprinkled in with the jokes are some nuggets of excellent dating advice, like this:

3. Don’t be afraid to be a gentleman if it makes her feel better.
Tell her that you demand respect. After she gets done setting fire to your Sega Dreamcast in the front yard of your duplex, apologize and beg to be let back into the house. Apologizing is compromise, and that’s part of being in an adult relationship. Also, don’t get the cops involved. You have priors to think about.

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