Chris Aldrich has dropped trou an impressive number of times in the name of entertainment. But this isn’t porn, it’s VH1’s Dating Naked, a revealing reality TV show that sends a guy and girl on 20 dates each with the opposite sex—all while wearing only strategically placed blurs.

It’s a far cry from the work Aldrich, 28, does as a financial consultant in San Diego. He admits his first impulse when presented with Dating Naked (Wednesdays 9/8c), was hell no. But the recently heartbroken Aldrich eventually rethought his position, justifying it as a “unique and wild opportunity” while confessing “I’m the type of guy who instead of stepping aside and letting someone else take it, thought… I’m going to take it.”

Now he’s become an Adam of sorts, blazing a trail in the buff, becoming perhaps the most naked man in basic cable history. The show, now in its second season, seems to be hitting its stride as a standout in the reality TV fishbowl. And how could it not? We FaceTimed with him recently to get the scoop on fitness, sunburn and what all this naked dating has taught him…

“If your motive for the date is to actually find someone that you want to hang out with, then it’s not that big of a deal. And it really wasn’t. It wasn’t like I’ve already seen you naked… awesome!

First off, thanks for putting clothes on for this interview.
Yeah man, no worries.

What prompted you to go on Dating Naked? Are you getting over some kind of phobia?
Absolutely not. It was just a challenge and I initially was horrified, honest to God. Then I thought about it and said, “you know what, you only get one shot at livin’.” Am I going to be that old grandfather sitting around the Thanksgiving table with grandkids running around and no stories to tell? Or am I going to be the guy where people say your grandfather is the man!

What does dropping trou for 20 dates in 30 days do to a man?
Initially I was so freaking nervous… I blacked out. It was just an overwhelming sense of emotions. I can’t even tell you what was going through my mind at the moment. And then as I began to do it more often, the focus came off me being nervous and uncomfortable with the situation, and was diverted to my dates. I’d been there, done it. I knew how weird and awkward it felt… ’cause I’ll tell you what, dude, it’s fucking weird.

Does seeing a woman naked at the beginning of a date change the nature of the date itself? You start where most people finish (if they’re lucky)…
I guess it depends on your motive for the date. If your motive for the date is to get them to take their clothes off, then you’re already there. But if your motive for the date is to actually find someone that you want to hang out with, then it’s not that big of a deal. And it really wasn’t. It wasn’t like I’ve already seen you naked… awesome!

Are you happy with the size of blur being used on the show?
[Laughs] Well it covers it, so yeah, I’m good with that. There’s been enough discussion about it. That’s the weird part. I come home and say, “Hey Mom, how you doin’?” And all her friends want to do is talk about the size of my package.

Did you actually have to apply sunscreen to your junk?
I had a few run-ins with the sunburn issue. My ass, as everyone knows, is completely untanned. It is white… as white as you can get. So on date two, for the most part, I had someone applying spray sunblock to me every five minutes. It was great. Everywhere I turned, there was a little Filipino spraying my ass with sunblock.

You had a sunscreen fluffer?
Yeah, it was great. But on date two, I had a really long date out in the sun… and there wasn’t an opportunity to keep throwing it on. This is equator sun and the whitest ass the planet’s ever seen. So I got roasted, absolutely fried. My ass ended up peeling, but it’s all good.

What kind of workout or diet did you do before you started shooting?
I only had a couple of weeks when I found out that I got cast for one of the main roles. So I didn’t change too much. I’m an active guy to begin with. On the weekend, I’m hiking, surfing, always outdoors running around. Don’t get me wrong, I love my beer and I love my cheeseburger. I put it in hard five days a week, six days a week at the gym… so it’s discipline. Always discipline.

What was your manscaping routine like on the show? Anything but routine?
I knew I was going to be on the show and put a lot of thought into it like… Hey, should I go tan my ass? Should I switch it up a little bit? Should I try to change my appearance now to appeal more to the general audience? The more I thought about it, the more I said “fuck it.” They gave me this role because I am who I am. People can take it or leave it. They cast Chris Aldrich… and they got Chris Aldrich.

So what about those naked jumping jacks? Not a fan?
Horrible! That was probably the most uncomfortable thing I had to do on the whole entire show. It was so bad. Moenay is just an absolute sweetheart. I lost a bet and she wanted jumping jacks, so I gave her jumping jacks to the best of my naked ability.

Dating Naked Playing For Keeps STILL 5.tif

Has the show changed the way you view dating in general?
Absolutely. I’m completely different after the show than before I went on the show. I had the lucky opportunity to go on 20 different dates, meet 20 different girls. It was like speed dating. Usually you go on three, four, five dates before you actually get to know people on a deeper level. I didn’t have that. I had to figure it out in a day or two. I had to cut through all the bullshit. I got deep quick and got to ask questions I wouldn’t normally ask… and got answers that I wouldn’t normally get.

What’s it like to show up at your job after a new episode has aired?
It’s frickin’ awesome. The support I’ve had from my professional community has been incredible. I didn’t know what the outcome was going to be from this. I didn’t know what I was going to look like. And I took a huge risk in my professional life moving forward potentially being ‘the dude from Dating Naked.’ I can’t tell you the amount of support I’ve had from professionals that I work with who say, “Chris, check out this mountain I hiked this weekend…and…I was always too afraid to go surfing, but…”. They’re showing me photos. People are inspired by the leap of faith I took in myself.

Since season two of the reality show premiered, have your dating options improved in reality?
Yeah. I would say that. There’s definitely been some attention across social media, email, you name it. And there’s certainly been an improvement in people being aware that I exist.

What was it like to juggle the jealousies of the girls you kept around on the show as you continued to date other women, naked?
I had a huge learning curve as far as managing all the chaos and jealousy in the house. It ended up being one of the most useful tools for me to gauge who people were. Face to face with me, they’re going to give me their best side. But when I get to see them interact with the other girls around the house, that’s when I really get to see what they’re all about. When the girls were actually getting jealous, fighting with one another and there were a couple of drinks involved, it gave me a good opportunity to really see who I was dealing with… and I used it to my advantage completely.

Which brings us to Fallon. Choosing Amanda over Fallon in episode six was a baller move. Do you wish you ditched Fallon sooner given everything you’ve seen on the show since?
I can’t say I wish I ditched her earlier. She had some good qualities. She obviously had a lot, a lot of unfavorable qualities. The more time I spent with her, the more I got to see the negative side of her. Had I not had that opportunity with her, I wouldn’t have seen it. She was very manipulative. Very crafty. Very good behind the scenes. As an audience, you guys got to see that. With me juggling four girls at once, I’m not there all the time… and don’t know what’s going on.

Talk about sweet justice for Fallon when it comes to alcohol…
It was great. It lead to her demise. Her own little plan got turned around and bit her in her own sexy little ass.

There was an episode where you got pretty upset when a dude started talking about everyone’s dick size. What was up with that? Was there some kind of unspoken agreement amongst guys on the show not to go there at all?
No. There didn’t have to be. There’s an unspoken agreement in general with guys… a dude rule. The dude code! You don’t go there. You don’t talk about it, especially on the show. That goes without saying. So when that started going off, I was appalled. I couldn’t believe he was going there, and then he kept going there. I was going to freaking knock him out, man. That’s not cool, it’s creepy.

What’s next for you? Are you going to stay in finance… or ride this thing out?
I’m going to do both. I’m going to ride this as far as it will take me. I’m not banking on it. I don’t have all my eggs in one basket. I certainly enjoy it and enjoy what’s come with it.

Would you date naked again?
Would I date naked again? [Laughs] Depends on the circumstances.