As we know from previous posts, it’s better to have your speakers be more then speakers – they should be speaker art. Unlike the Artcoustic Speakers, though, the art isn’t printed on the Davone units. The units themselves are the art. 

The Ray, as their called, evoke equally the aquatic, sting’d creature and the plasma-blasting alien weapon; either of which they could be named for. Similarly, these speakers would be at home in a sleek, modern Stark-ian home or a retro Malibu beach mansion. Probably there are better speakers for your adult tree house, though.

They’re running at a relatively modest 150 watts, with a 8/1 woofer/tweeter ratio. But with these speakers your primary concern likely isn’t function – it’s style that you’re paying for. And, you are paying for it. A pair of Rays will set you back $6,000.