Dead Rising 2 succeeds in one area far more than its predecessor – it features a likable main character with whom you’re likely to empathize. Where Frank West was a cocky photojournalist, Chuck Greene is a damaged man trying to get over the loss of his wife during a zombie outbreak in Fortune City (a Las Vegas-like gambling city) while working to keep his infected daughter from becoming a living impaired brain eater.

Chuck is a pay-per view action star whose motocross skills make him a master at riding a bike. He parlays his athletic history into a lucrative career running over zombies with his chainsaw equipped motorbike on pay TV. It’s fairly transparent from the beginning that Chuck isn’t enjoying his spotlight time, and anyone who played Dead Rising: Case Zero can see where Chuck and Katey end up after surviving that side trip into zombieville. Unlike Frank West, Chuck is a proficient zombie killer but he seemingly finds little joy in it. Sure, this is a game about mutilating zombies in every imaginable way while dressing up in the most ridiculous outfits one can find, but a little gravitas and character depth enhance the formula enough to make it a better experience.