This week we mourn the passing of Dean Smith, who died “peacefully” at his North Carolina home Saturday night, at the age of 83. Sports and mainstream outlets have covered the loss of this legend expansively. We could not do it better.

And yet we can’t help but be reminded of just how much he brought to the sport—and of a college basketball era that will never be replicated. This notion is perhaps no better encapsulated than by the 1982 national championship game, the first of two Smith won at UNC.

On the court that day were two coaching kings, Smith and Georgetown’s John Thompson, a couple of future NBA All-Stars, Eric “Sleepy” Floyd and Sam Perkins, and two Hall of Famers to be, James Worthy and Patrick Ewing. Oh, and arguably the greatest player of all time. We’ll never see anything close to that ever again.

This brief video hits the highlights, including a clutch shot by you know who. That moment marked the dawn of MJ’s own legend, which led to Smith, a leading proponent of team basketball, becoming known as “the only man who could hold Michael Jordan to 20 points.” Enjoy.