Of all the professions Mom wants for you, comedy probably isn’t one of them.

But Emmy Award-winner Jerry Minor (Comedy Bang! Bang!, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt) thinks there has never been a better time to get into making people laugh.

We sat down with him for a few minutes at our latest Speakeasy shoot to get his thoughts on the amusement industry.

How do I get into comedy?
Now is a great time, better than ever. I started during the end of the stand-up boom, but stand-up wasn’t really my strength. I watched SNL, but I always wondered: “How do you do that? Get a sketch show?” I had to learn both.

But because of the Internet and social media, and so many ways to do comedy—memes, Vine, short-form on YouTube, you can change the form and gain an audience without having to ask someone to get on stage. On the Internet you don’t have to ask anyone anything.

Is there anything you should avoid?
No! There’s nothing you should avoid because you should make all the mistakes possible. That’ll make your stuff better.

Should the aspiring comedian be in LA or NYC?
I personally like LA better. NYC is a hard place to live if you’re not super rich. It’s a hard place to live even if you are super rich.  I grew up in Michigan where we drove cars, so I’m not against driving. I like space and having a yard.

I don’t want to have to shovel snow again.