The key to making a place feel like home isn’t in the furniture or the people you put in it: it’s about the walls. Hear us out. You could be cuddling on the coziest couch in front of the sweetest TV and be lacking.

However, with your only options for wall décor being cheap mass-produced paintings from Target, random hanging mirrors (is your place a fun house at a carnival?), or bringing out of retirement old posters from college of John Belushi and Jack Daniels, it’s hard to get it right. That’s why the good people at Hu2 Design have provided us all with some more interesting options. Their quality vinyl stickers range from beautiful to funny to strange to useful and they all look cool. There’s even ones that can stick to your fridge, bathtub, and toilet. Also available are a ton of unique designs for your laptop (mostly Mac friendly), and you can even have them vinyl sticker your face. What better way to warm up an apartment than that? They vary in price and can all be found here.