Sometimes texting while watching sports is more fun than the actual on-field action. Witness some stray thoughts from last night’s snoozer of a BCS National Championship Game, in which Trent Richardson and Alabama defeated LSU, 21-0.

I sure hope “Honey Badger” was added to the Brent Musburger Drinking Game this year.

Maybe it’s about time to put in Jarrett Lee.

Unguarded over on ESPN2. Pretty good. Worth it for the Mass accents alone.

New rule: you get three punts per half. Just like timeouts.

Who has the better “hair,” Nick Saban or Les Miles?

Maybe it’s about time to put in Jarrett Lee.

Ah, Allstate. Making people afraid of things that will never happen.

Seriously, check out Unguarded. This Chris Herren dude is the most earnest drug addict ever. And the guy could ball.

Maybe Jordan Jefferson shouldn’t have gotten that pre-game pep talk from JaMarcus Russell.

Why do they show Bourbon Street during these games? It’s like, here are a bunch of people who don’t give a crap about football.

This is the biggest disappointment to come out of New Orleans since Treme.