Oh, how we love beer. We’ve shown you as much quite a bit over the time we’ve been sharing. We’ve traveled to Tokyo, we’ve journeyed to the icy North Atlantic. Things have been pretty real. But, we’ve never seen anything exactly like these two ingenious ways to take in some brew: fried beer and frozen beercicles. 

The first, fried beer, is from the same coronary-clogging state that brought the world fried cola, Texas. Mark Zable has been trying to achieve the holy golden grail of hedonism for (wait for it) 3 years. And, finally, this year he figured out a way to seal the beer inside ravioli-like dough packets allowing him to fry it up.   He even consulted a food scientist (that exists?), and had no luck. Then, somehow, he stumbled upon the secret recipe which he divulges to nobody as he recently applied for a fried beer patent.   Delicious.

For cooler cucumbers, though, we have the Hopsicle Experience from Diablo Royale Este in New York City. It’s not just a can of beer they let explode in the freezer – we’ve done that and it does not end in a delectable treat. The mixologists in-house over there inject cans of Tecate with simple syrup and lime juice, jam a stick in, and freeze them for four days straight. The result: The Hopsicle.