Remember when you were a kid, it was always a chore to get in the tub and scrub down? Hearing mom filling that tub for you was like marching blindfolded to a firing squad. Bathtime was the antithesis of fun.

BUT, odds are if your mother told you you could take your bath in, say… Ecto Cooler, you would have been all about it. But you’re older now, and don’t drink (as much) Ecto Cooler. But beer in the form of soap. Booya. The people at Vat19, self-proclaimed “purveyors of curiously awesome products” have come up with the soap for the true beer lover. It’s made from all natural ingredients and cold processed–which allows to soap to retain all of its moisturizing glycerin, keeping your skin silky smooth. You can choose from five diverse but tasty beers: Corona, Guinness, Red Stripe, Sam Adams Boston Lager, or Stella Artois. And, no, you won’t step out of the shower smelling like you just played eighteen sloppy rounds of Flip Cup. They’re all light and refreshing (although if there is a Natural Light one made, we can make no promises). Also, the jury is out on whether eating these will get you drunk faster, but we encourage you to explore. Each bar only costs $4.95 and can be purchased here.