Diana Olick, Housing Market reporter and blogger for CNBC, just shared an extremely cringe-inducing exchange with Dennis Kneale during a segment on Power Lunch just now.

Here’s what happened: After Diana’s thoughtful report on the rise in foreclosure numbers, Dennis chimed in with a little Q&A about the silver lining on the horizon. Kneale went on to say that a large number of delinquency rates on mortgage payments went DOWN over the past few months, while Olick furiously tried to correct him saying he had the wrong numbers.

Things came to a very uncomfortable conclusion when Kneale said “How do you wake up in the morning!?…. when numbers like these are so bad.” Unfortunately Olick did not hear the second part of that statement in which Kneale tried to put a humorous spin on the end of the report, and she proceeded to furiously defend herself claiming he didn’t know what he was talking about and had the wrong numbers.

A hastily segued commercial break immediately followed. POWER LUNCH, MOFOS! Love it!

Reminds me of that priceless exchange between Kneale and Charlie Gasparino about hiring hookers from earlier this year. When Kneale bitchily pretends to be ‘offended’ by Charlie’s statements and demands an on-air apology I laughed harder than I thought was possible while watching CNBC.

Dude, how much of a dick is Dennis Kneale, is he constantly looking for a fight on-air?

Also, this isn’t the first time we’ve remarked about Kneale’s uncomfortable live moments on Power Lunch.