There are few places on Earth more fun than an Irish pub, but there’s room for improvement. After all, how many times have you said:

1. “I wish a pub were located closer to me, ideally in my backyard!”
2. “I wish this pub didn’t injure me when I fall over!”
3. “I wish instead of last call, they just deflated this place!”

Enter the Inflatable.Pub and fulfill those three dreams immediately. Yes, it’s exactly what’s promised: For $2,500, you can purchase a pub of your own that measures 16.4 feet long, 14.9 feet wide and stands 16.4 feet tall, holding 30 to 35 fellow pub-goers. (There are also larger versions available for rental, though once you get one of these babies to your home, why would you ever let it leave you?)

The pub comes complete with its own blower and storage bag, so it’s easy to set up and put away again. And yes, this is the first pub you’ve ever been inside where tumbling into a wall just results in joyous bouncing, instead of stitches. (It also includes a repair kit, lest your guests get a little too carefree with the pint glasses or whiskey bottles and do some damage to the pub itself.)

And yes, it does boast a waterproof roof, so if the weather gets properly Irish, you’ll be ready.

For more information on Inflatable.Pub, contact the makers here. Watch a pub come to life in the video below.