“Bring it on…” and We’re Not Worried. Those were two of the signature phrases CNBC used with the press when FBN launched. Unfortunately CNBC hasn’t quite been able to back up this verbal bravado, which continues to be overshadowed by what some insiders are calling “desperate efforts” to outfox FOX Business Network.

In addition to CNBC’s weak attempt at getting their name out there by inundating industry blogs with a bevy of press releases. Some of these have been so ridiculous that journalists are starting to mock them. Just yesterday, they announced that they slapped the name CNBC Edge on relatively routine daytime market coverage and went so far as to send out a press release when oil hit $100 a barrel! They’ve now taken to ringing the NASDAQ bell for one year anniversaries of their programs. Gee, I guess they got that from FBN too, who rang the bell the day they launched and ending up getting on CNBC’s air to boot….

But the larger point here is — where were all of these releases and the flurry of promotional activity a year ago? Oh wait, FBN didn’t exist a year ago. If CNBC isn’t concerned about its new competitor and their audience, then why are they making such extreme attempts at reminding the media and the blogosphere that they’re relevant? Clearly they’re not as confident as they once were. PS I think Erin Burnett is 15 lbs away from supermodel hot.