Diesel’s Black Label watch is too cool to tell time easily.  It takes a man with a certain, global, 360-degree physical awareness to read any of the four time zones on this sophisticated if confusing timepiece.

The watch faces are on either side of the watch – two on the hand side and two on the side toward your wrist.  Obviously, to be able to read them the watch needs to be somewhat thick, so this isn’t the sleekest watch even if it’s damn chic. 

It’s water resistant up to 10 atmospheres.  That means 100 meters if you’re not as cool as the folks at Diesel and you don’t think about these sort of things like an underwater treasure hunter. It also has an “international” warranty for if it gets dinged when you’ve got to take your flying car to Morocco because a Mummy’s curse has befallen a distressing princess.

It’s got a genuine leather band (what would happen to that in 100 meters of salt water?) and costs $365.  [Buy it]