We’ll be purchasing a few of these Modern Fossils for the Made Man Annex of Historical Curios in honor of the premier of what promises to be a totally hilarious movie this week.  We can definitely see Jack Black buying these.

These modern fossils are the only remnants of once-proud gadgetry that thrived in the aisles of modern super stores and the basements and offices of many.  Above, the header image is a Nintendo Sixty-Four Controller.  It evolved from its ancestors to feature a joystick and eventually a rumblepack in order to adapt to the increasingly 3 dimensional Super Worlds and full of Golden Eyes.  From the archeologist:

Most of these examples were discovered in the United States, although the various species are represented all over the world. It is sad, but most of these units lived very short lives.

Below are two more examples of this stunning look into the distant world of almost-contemporary technology.  Witness the iPod forever entombed in its stony grave.  This once-innovative, sleek, minimalist MP3 player was crowded out of its niche by more able animals.  After just a few generations, the iPod’s descendents would have screens – even touchscreens – and be able to hold many times the music of their forbearers.

And here is the Cassette Tape.  This was once the most dominant musical media on this continent, and was eventually replaced by the more efficient compact disc and digital recordings.  Though the Cassette Tape is not as well-adapted to the commercial environs of this planet, it is regarded by many as a beautiful creature that made its way by being used as a mix tape.  The Cassette Tape would parasite of other creatures’ need to express their love for their mates or hate for the ex-mates – a phenomenon eschewed by the non-linear playlists of the modern world.