During one summer in high school, I worked on a soccer field. Like actually building it.

Okay worked may be too strong a word. Showed up every day, sometimes picking up a shovel, sometimes not, would be a more honest description. It was one of those government grant funded projects to ease soon-to-be grads into the workforce. Or something like that. Most days we were told to just sweep the parking lot.

In retrospect, I think they just didn’t want us near the big toys. Whatever the rationale, I felt robbed of the opportunity to move some serious dirt in a life-size Tonka toy.

So that’s why I added Dig This Las Vegas to the list of activities for the Manliest Month.

Billing itself as a “Heavy Equipment Playground,” Dig This allows would-be heavy equipment operators the opportunity to dig trenches, move 2,000 pound tires, and play a round of “Bucket Basketball” if they choose the excavator option (there’s a bulldozer offering as well.) After a safety demo, a breathalyzer test (passing it is a feat in itself in Vegas), and an in-cab orientation, participants spend 90 minutes living out their dirtiest dirt fantasies.

I even got to wear a snazzy neon orange safety vest which, sadly, I did not get to keep.

There’s something undeniably manly about picking up a 2,000 pound tire, even if it is with a 36,000 pound machine. And it’s undoubtedly one of the few manly activities that make you feel like a kid again.

The day I went, there was even a gent in his 70s giving it a go (he’s in the excavator on the left)—proving you’re never too old to play in a giant sandbox.