Okay, so the primary use for this little contraption isn’t making some good old-fashioned moonshine (an ordinary bathtub will do for that), although the name may suggest otherwise. The Mississippi Distiller primarily extracts essential oils.

It gets them from plant leaves like lavender, mint, and thyme, turning them into a concentrated liquid. You could drink that if you really wanted to, but mostly they go into perfumes and air fresheners. However, you don’t have to tell your friends this. Which brings us to its other function: just looking really cool. You want this baby in your place, if only for the conversations it’ll start. Made in Barcelona by the Mississippi Destil Co., the Mississippi Distiller is an homage to the American South, better than any Jeff Foxworthy joke. With a walnut base, borosilicate “heat-resistant” glass pieces, and a frame made from five copper plates, the thing looks like H.G Wells’ juicer. And what’s stopping you from telling your guests that it is? And, hey, we bet if you put your mind to it, you could probably actually find a way to squeeze some rye whiskey out of it. The Mississippi Distiller costs $200 and can be found here.