Over our years of jeans wearing, we’ve noticed a rather disturbing trend: There’s great denim, and there’s cheap denim, and never the twain shall meet. Why there can’t be awesome jeans at a reasonable price, we have no idea.

Which was the same thought running through the heads of the people at Mott & Bow, except they decided to actually do something about it. Their formula is simple: Buy high-quality denim from a top-notch mill (Turkeys’ Orta Anadolu, in case you were curious). Sew in a seasoned manufacturing facility (Honduras’ Intermoda, founded by the family of Alejandro Chahin, who now runs M&B out of New York City). Finish by hand to make every detail unique. And sell for as little as 96 bucks.

We’ve been rocking their Slim Mosco Resin Rinse (see image above) for a few weeks now, and we love them. Super sharp-looking, with just enough give to be comfortable while still providing the opportunity to break in over time. This style is one of a dozen total, with cuts encompassing skinny, slim and straight to accommodate any dimensions/levels of hipsterism. So, if you’re looking for great-looking denim that actually leaves you with enough funds to pick up a shirt and some shoes to match, give Mott & Bow a shot. If our experience is any indication, you’ll be glad you did.