If, for some reason, the college you went to discontinued their apparel, or, more likely, has a name that isn’t some kind of sexual pun, then worry no more. Now you can make your own (pun, not college). 

You can choose whatever you’d like it to say, and there are no warnings against profanity, we have a feeling that suddenly there will be an influx of proud alumni from F*ck U, displayed in proud collegiate type across the nation.

Here’s a chance to get creative. You visited the Harvard campus once, right? Didn’t have time to make it to the gift shop? Print up one of those shirts and tell brainy babes you went there; technically, you’re not lying. You can do it for a laugh, or maybe just throw your last name on a bunch and surprise everyone at the family reunion. Ordering six or more will get you a sweet discount. Shirts and hats start at $14.99. You can create your own here.