Have you ever been out at a club or bar where the hired DJ seems to have no sense of what people want to hear whatsoever and thought to yourself “I could do a lot better than DJ Douchebag up there; maybe I should practice some DJing skills?”

But all that equipment is so expensive (and heavy) and you need to start from scratch (DJ-pun intended) on your vinyl collection since all you have are your Raffi ones from when you were a kid, and unless the club wants to bump to your “Baby Beluga” remix, then you’re out of luck. Looks like it’s just not meant to be. Wait! It totally is meant to be! Did you think we were just e-mailing you to tell you NOT to be a DJ? Because with the cheap and light Discovery DJ Decks you plug directly into your computer, anything is possible. You have your entire digital library at your disposal with the click of a button. And, if you’re a new hand at this, it even comes with software that automatically matches tempos for seamless transitions between songs. Realistic scratch pads allow for impeccable scratch effects. And you can plug it right into your USB port–now extra power source needed. The Discovery DJ Decks goes for around $160 and can be found here.