Whether you were the nerd in high school or the hot cheerleader, don’t think you can leave behind that stereotypical persona after you graduate. A new survey has found that there’s more correlation between those personalities and your future career than you’d think (or hoped for).

CareerBuilder.com’s survey questioned 6,000 full-time workers who categorized themselves into one of the following groups based on their high school activities: student government, athlete, geek, honor society, cheerleader, drama club, class clown, or teacher’s pet.

Turns out that the cheerleaders were the group most likely to hold a high ranking vice president role at a public company. This perky bunch of hotties was also found to be one of the most satisfied with their jobs. Over 67% of all former cheerleaders polled responded that they are happy with their current careers and positions.

The group most satisfied with their jobs, with a whopping 81% responding this way, were the teacher’s pets. But that doesn’t really make a lot of sense because, the survey also shows that on average the ‘teacher’s pets’ were earning the lowest salaries. 37% reported earning less than $35k annually. Maybe their annoying personality traits have led them to lie about their current happiness levels? Are they sucking up to the pollsters in the same way they kissed teachers’ asses for all those years? (click article title for more info in full post)

According to CB’s survey, high school was more important than you think:

“Thirty-nine percent of workers age 30 and older said their high school experience had an influence on the job they hold today,” says Rosemary Haefner, vice president of human resources at CareerBuilder.com. “While there are a variety of factors that determine one’s career path, high school involves learning experiences inside and outside the classroom that can shape interests and personal networks at an early age. It’s essentially a steppingstone into a world of opportunity.”

Here’s a little representation of the types of fields each group mostly found themselves working in later in life:

  1. Drama Club and Honor Society: Health-care community and government (hospital dramas?)
  2. Student Government: Education (I guess I was kind of hoping student gov would lead to real gov, but that makes too much sense)
  3. Cheerleaders: Travel and Insurance (“like, I can totally book this cruise for you”)
  4. Geeks: Engineering and Retail (figures, nerds.)
  5. Teacher’s Pets: Construction Banking/Finance (why do they have such low salaries then?)
  6. Athletes: Transportation (because they run fast?)
  7. Class Clowns: Manufacturing (working in a clown nose factory? Not a very fun job)

So, if it’s too late for you now and you’re one of those dissatisfied, low wage-earning class clowns in ‘manufacturing’ start pressuring your kids to be cool in school rather than get good grades. At least, I think that’s what this survey was trying to say.

CareerBuilder: Who’s More Successful High School Geek, Jock, or Class Clown?, July 1, 2008