Who else is sick of seeing dudes in those MMA-esque, intricately designed t-shirts featuring things like crowned skeletons with feathered wings dancing in a ring of thorny roses and flames, and words in calligraphy like "Affliction" and "Erosion?"

We prefer our shirts simple but bold. Thankfully, Johnny Cupcakes has a new line of shirts featuring uncomplicated and cool logos, with designs influenced by pop-culture such as "Transformers" (the original cartoons), "The Goonies", "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles", even "A Christmas Story." Classic. The shirts are great conversation starters for ladies looking to buy you drinks in a sea of shirts adorned with hyper-stylized, gold-flaked, fake family crests. 

Johnny Cupcake tees go for around $35, and it should be noted that any company that has a picture of one of their models blowing hard into an old school Nintendo cartridge knows what they’re doing. Some people just get it, man.