Fifteen minutes before a date is the wrong time to start working out to get in shape. You already should have a smart exercise regimen in place. Fifteen minutes before a date, however, is the right time to do one last tune-up on your body so that your date views you in all of your physical glory. Los Angeles physical trainer Mike Donavanik (CSCS, CPT) shares exercises before a date that every guy can do.

1. Pump Up

Knock out some pushups. The increased blood flow will make your chest look bigger and more pumped. Try to do two sets of 20 to 30 repetitions. Don’t overdo it. You don’t want to be sore or fatigued for any other physical activity that might occur later in the evening.

2. Firm Up

Do some basic bicep and tricep exercises. If you have a resistance band or dumbbells, do some bicep curls. For triceps, all you need is a chair or couch to perform tricep dips. Doing a couple sets of curls and dips will firm up your arms so that when your lady grabs hold of them, they won’t feel like mush.

3. Don’t Crunch It Up

Unless you have a true six-pack, crunches before a date are a no-no. Resistance-training exercises bring blood to the working muscles, making them look bigger. If you don’t have a true six-pack, working your abs right before a big date will make you look bloated and tubby in the middle.

4. Stand Up

Posture is important. Before heading out the door, do a posture check. With proper posture, you will look more confident. Bad posture will make you look insecure. To give off a great first impression, check your posture. Stand tall with your chest up and shoulders slightly retracted.

5. Calm Down

If you’re nervous and you give off that impression, none of the tips mentioned above will matter. Take about five minutes to focus on deep breathing to relax your body and mind. When you inhale, make your stomach rise; when you exhale, let it sink. This will ensure deeper and more relaxed breathing, leading to a calmer and less-anxious mind.