Surprisingly, 20th Century Fox announced yesterday they are ‘moving forward’ with their sequel to the 1987 film, Wall Street.

The movie, which epitomized what it was like on Wall Street during those ‘greed is good days’ of the 80s, also created the character of Gordon Gekko. Michael Douglass has said that he will reprise his role as the main character if the script is good enough.

The project has also gone through some creative problems. The original script writer has been replaced by Allan Loeb, a former Chicago Board of Trade stockbroker. You would think the new film would have an increasingly real sense of accuracy in the dialog. However, Loeb’s prior work includes writing 21 (not great) and Things We Lost In The Fire (what?), so I still have some reservations about him.

But setting aside these finer details about the film, is now really the best time for this? A large part of the American public hates Wall Street, thinking that infamous address synonymous with the root of all evil and the cause of the dreaded financial bailout. And although the new movie won’t come out for another few years, maybe that more dire and informed economic climate would be a great receptor for this film? Perhaps the film can include current event references and serve as an enlightened synopsis of why ‘greed isn’t always good’?

This title screen is so epic. Gives me chills every time I drive under that bridge. (more photos after the jump)

Suggestions for a new Bud Fox (Charlie Sheen), the young go-getter trying to impress Gordon? Shia LaBeouf appears to be young and potentially douche-y enough…or maybe not:

Hey check it out! It’s Dr. Cox, from Scrubs, looking all dorky in this scene way before he made it big. Good for him! Glancing at the subtitles, maybe you can draw some parallels to today’s problems with ‘easy credit’. Maybe this is a good time for this movie after all?

So what’s your opinion? Are you excited about seeing Gordon Gekko back in the suspenders or would you rather they let the franchise rest in peace?

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