Radical Now gets really, really up close and personal with Thomas Bruso (a.k.a. Vietnam Tom, Tom Slick, or Epic Beard Guy). This riled-up relic is a mainstay of Bay Area street culture and has accrued various degrees of fame through his two Youtube viral sensations: transit fight, and Oakland A’s tasing. Locally he is more well known, but is largely regarded as just sort of local flavor. 

We’re a little bit conflicted on this documentary. And, we’re using documentary in the loosest, post-Youtube era way that you can possibly use it. If you don’t pay close attention, you’ll find yourself empathizing with this clearly unbalanced yet somehow righteous individual. Here’s a tip: try to ignore the sound track and actually listen to what EBG says before you lionize him. 

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Part 1 (NSFW)

Part 2 NSFW)