In doing some important ‘business news research’ today, I came across a strange interview where the President of Fox News, Roger Ailes, went on what could best be described as a ‘sexiness debate’ over Erin Burnett (left) and Maria Bartiromo.

As we all know, this is an age old debate that will sooner ruin close friendships before getting settled once and for all. Is Erin Burnett the new hottest biz babe/money honey on the block, or does the class and experience of Bartiromo hold her over?

Here’s what the crazy old Mr. Ailes had to say in the WSJ:

Look, I’m the one who put Maria Bartiromo on the air. She’s a fine talent. This new woman that they’re overusing because she’s on now 15 hours a day, Erin Burnett, is a good talent. But she’s gonna age. She’ll only last another year, the way they’re working her….So, I hope, at some point she steps up and says, “I need water; I need a little break here.”

Blasphemy! Surprisingly, this man is not legally blind! Which was the only explanation I could think of to describe how he came to this conclusion. Agreed, Erin is on CNBC a lot of hours each day, but she can totally handle it. When she’s not batting Chris Matthews off with a stick, she’s helping to keep the reigns on lovable Jim Cramer. So believe me, she can handle a couple of extra minutes of camera time.

Here’s the X factor in my opinion – who has the long term MILF factor on their side? I say Erin goes the distance on this one, she’s got those field hockey skills to fall back on, that’s pure muscle memory right there. You don’t lose that stuff easily.

Ok, agreed, the photo I linked to Maria’s name at the top was very . . . unflattering, but judge for yourself.


It really doesn’t even seem close. And besides, you don’t see Maria’s fans making poorly photoshopped tributes, like this, do you?:

Let us hear your opinion in the comments section. And although Ailes made his comment way back in October of last year, it’s still not too late for him to be called totally and unequivocally wrong.

WSJ: Can Ailes Outfox CNBC?, October 8, 2007