Though only in a conceptual stage, the Dolphin Hydrofoil is, hopefully, the future of personal watercrafts and the source for what will ultimately be some of most incredible crashes on Rendered and conceptualized by Nikko Van Stolk, the Dolphin Hydrofoil differs from a typical personal watercraft in two significant ways. The first, obviously, is it rides on frickin’ hydrofoils. But, as a consequence of this, the second difference is that it can’t be jet propelled. Rather, it’s a propeller mounted on the central fin under the main body of the craft.

The ride, too, would be significantly affected by this design. While the hydrofoils would increase the efficiency of the craft, and as a consequence, the top speed, it would take all the fun, bounciness out of jumping waves on a normal jet ski. The hope, we suppose, would be for an experience akin to a motorized air chair. If that’s the case, then look for us to be the first ones out there if this actually goes to market.