Here’s a story for a Monday. Turns out Donald Trump gave Charlie Sheen fake diamond cufflinks, at least according to Charlie himself. Sheen was on The Graham Norton Show where he recalled an encounter he had with Donald around the time he was getting married to Brooke Mueller. They were seated together at a dinner, and Trump was staring at Charlie’s watch.

Trump apologized for not being able to attend Sheen’s wedding, to which Sheen responded he wasn’t invited. Trump proceeded to point to his own cufflinks and remark, “These are platinum, diamond Harry Winstons.”

Sheen then describes Trump pulling the cufflinks off and handing them to him, saying, “It’s the least I can do. Have a great marriage.”

Of course, the marriage didn’t work out, but the (not so?) surprising part is that when Sheen had the cufflinks appraised as part of a routine insurance appraisal at his house, the appraiser told him that the cufflinks were, “in their finest moment, cheap pewter and bad zirconia. And they’re stamped ‘Trump’.”

Sheen then remarked, “What does this really say about the man? That he said here’s a great wedding gift and it’s just a bag of dog shit.”

What does it say? Well, it certainly says that Trump’s not that good at giving wedding gifts. That, or someone sold Trump some fakes. See the video in all its glory below.