Courtesy Fox Business

In a television interview with FOX Business Network’s Neil Cavuto, Donald Trump talks about the state of the US economy and how Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke missed a great opportunity to lead America’s economy in a more positive direction by failing to stay ahead of the curve.

On Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke:

“The problem with Ben Bernanke is that he is way behind the curve when he should be ahead of the curve…The economy is terrible. If you look at the economy, other than oil nothing is going up…We have to worry about a recession and maybe worse.”

“The problem with Ben [Bernanke] is that he should have been ahead of the curve. He should have cut interest rates six months ago…There’s nothing he can do. He missed a great opportunity. He could have been a leader. Instead, he’s a follower. I would cut it 100 basis points in one meeting…In my opinion, he’s going to go down 175 basis points.”

On why he knows we’re in a recession:

“I think the economy is terrible I think we’re absolutely in a recession.”

“I’m in the real estate business and I’m lucky I’m in Manhattan and I’m just wondering when it is going to hit Manhattan…How can it be that Manhattan is stronger than ever and everything else is dead?”…Personally I think it is a matter of time [until the recession takes starts to affect housing prices in Manhattan] when Merrill lynch lays off four million people and when Citibank lays off a trillion people…Outside of Manhattan, it’s a depression in real estate.”

On foreign bailouts:

“Terrorist countries and communist countries are coming in to bailout the United States. Pretty sad isn’t it.”

On fiscal stimulus:

“I think fiscal stimulus is very dangerous. I think certain kinds of tax incentives are great. When I hear of others trying to protect people who made terrible deals on mortgages, I think that’s the banks problems. If the banks made all these terrible deals, I think they have to suffer a little bit.”