What’s the point of having an LED digital clock next to your bed when you have to lift your head off your pillow to see what time it is? Once your head is off that pillow, you’re AWAKE, and you’ll have a tough time falling back asleep.

The whole point of sleeping is to get rest, and if you’re using precious strength to continuously look at clocks, then you’re not going to wake up fresh tomorrow. And that’s when your whole day starts to go straight down the drain. Luckily, Generate Design came up with a solution to this, the Emily Alarm clock. Not sure who Emily is, but her alarm clock is a red LED digital clock that is built to mount on your wall and read sideways, so you’ll never have to right your head to more easily read what time it is. All you do is open your eyes, and the clock is conveniently displaying straight in your field of vision. And it even looks cool with its aluminum casing, walnut wood construction and rounded corners. You’ll never have to lift your head again. If only they could make a sideways TV. The Emily Alarm Clock can be purchased for $129.00 and can be found here.