Sirius (SIRI) I just don’t see it. I guess if I lived in the middle of nowhere and didn’t have an Ipod and wireless internet I might want more music. Why should I pay $165 a year. My goal is to stay out of my car and drive less. I think there are more people like me than most realize. The market is not going to be as big as the “pros” think. There is definitely a market for satellite radio but divide it by two and it doesn’t look as nice. When they use those satellites for something else ie internet, tv, then I will invest. The whole Stern thing is neutral in my book.

US Air (LCC) All the airlines have something to prove. This is a poorly run company and is in no way a low cost airline. Stay away from the airlines all together. Things have to get better because they can’t get worse but that still doesn’t make them good

Elan (ELN) Stock has risen quite a bit in the last few months all on the fact they might get Tysabri back. I think there is way too much importance on one drug here and the pipeline is not very strong. Nowhere near what Celgene (CELG) or even Amylin (AMLN) has in the works. If anything goes wrong with Tysabri then they will add a new group of people that lose a ton on ELN.

Overstock (OSTK) You can’t feel very comfortable holding this stock. Numbers are going to be poor. Management is crazy. And most of all the overall business proposal doesn’t lend it self to being a huge profit market segment. Second hand products lend themselves to second hand sales. How many down comforters can one sell? They will always look for great bargains not great products. Do you want to trust your money with Patrick Byrne?

Wendy’s (WEN) I don’t care if Tim Hortons is great. Wendy’s restaurants are going down the drain. The bacon double cheeseburger is the only sandwich that people go there to eat and McDonalds has said they are going to bring out a copy. Talk about kicking them when they’re down. Even Hardee’s is advertising like crazy and improving their food. Wendy’s has all but dropped off the earth when it comes to advertising (much like Coke). They are getting killed and the stock is propped with Hudsons. The numbers and the IPO will come out and the stock is going to get hit.

Google (GOOG) Just kidding