I love hearing all this BS about how big media is getting its ass kicked in the online eyeball competition contest. When big media is ready to attack, it will be as big online as it is in print or on TV. The reasons they will always be on top is the same reason most people say it will play second fiddle to the likes of digg, reddit, and bloggers. People say that big media is too regulated, stuffy, and can’t react quick enough to get the story out first. Wrong. You can’t believe any story on the net UNLESS it comes from a big media company because they ARE regulated and held to a higher standard,. Digg is worthless (unless you want traffic and you get dugg) when it comes to real news and information . Founded by genius and run by 10 tech geeks with “vote for each other” code. What makes it to the top each day is in no way a reflection of that day’s importance. What started as a real “vote the good news to the top” has evolved into a high school lunch room where one group of kids gets to decide who gets to sit at the popular table. Reddit is truly run by the mass but has again is much more “fun and games”. If you want news and information you can trust we all still go to the same places, fox, cbs, abc, nbc, cnn, yahoo, google, and other big boys (in no particular order that’s how they came to me). As far as getting it out slower. A guy with a phone camera may get something out before the news a couple times a year but the big boys almost always get it out first. The little sites that are constantly on top of the latest news eventually grow into another “big media” site. Don’t think gossip column Perez Hilton is a big site. Yeah they get 11K for weekly spot but they don’t make the news , TMZ.com, is the big media in the gossip world. The companies that gather the info from the source and deliver as well will alway be in control. TMZ is out there every day and night trying to find hunt down new celeb photos, video, and news. Fox has reporters in every city and people listening to a police scanner in each one. You think some little guy with a blog, a phone cam, and $8.95 to register a domain name will every be able to compete with that? Never. Not even in numbers. My thoughts are being supported every time the new comScore data comes out. It turns out that Fox Interactive Media, Time Warner Network, Viacom, and Comcast – ranked among the top 10 sites in terms of page views in November. The big boys are rising to the top. It took them a bit longer than some expected but they are here to stay. Meanwhile those that aren’t there yet will be buying their way up. The purchases of the internet boom set big media purchasing 5 years. The MySpace, YouTube acquisitions got things going again. Get ready folks, the big boys are taking over and they are here to stay. Digg that.