Based on everything you know from war movies and Call of Duty, grenades are quite destructive. So our advice is to avoid them at all costs. Unless, of course, your grenade is actually a survival kit packed with more than two dozen pieces of gear that just might save your life. In that case, disregard all that other stuff we said.

The Paracord Survival Grenade ($50-$70) comes from California-based Surf City Paracord, an outfit that’s taking actual parachute cords and fashioning them into things like bracelets and dog collars. But also way more practical things like grenade-shaped survival kits containing a bunch of helpful tools, whether you’re camping, in an actual survival situation or just like to keep a bug-out bag nearby in case of any impending apocalypses.

The kits hold essential items like a fire starter, compass, knife, LED flashlight and water purification tablets, as well as fishing line and hooks for catching some dinner. All things you’d like to have on hand should the need arise. And all things someone else might like to have on hand, too, should you be short on gift ideas this year.

Just know that each kit is handmade and takes two to three weeks to arrive, so try not to plan anything dangerous before then.