If you’re a fan of 3D tech and wearing shoes, then you’ll like this news. Adidas has just announced that it’s making its 3D shoes (you might remember getting a glimpse of these at the Rio Olympics) available to purchase for the first time ever.

The limited-edition release launches December 15th, but don’t wait until then because these won’t last long. Instead, head over to the Adidas Confirmed app (available for iOS and Android), where you can begin reserving shoes for yourself today.

Dubbed the 3D Runner, the shoes will retail for $333. That seems fair, considering that telling people you’ve got 3D shoes is worth at least, like, $200.

The 3D technology is applied for more than just gimmicks, though. Per the brand: “The shoe features an engineered 3D web structure with dense zones in high force areas and less dense zones in the low force areas, allowing for the optimum level of performance.” So that’s good. And the 3D printed heel is seamlessly integrated into the midsole, which means better elasticity and support. In the looks department, the black knit upper is just nice to look at.

If you’re able to secure a pair, they can be picked up on December 15th at Adidas NYC, the brand’s new Fifth Avenue flagship store. If you’re not in New York, no problem. Just be in London or Tokyo… because both cities will also get a chance to nab some pairs that same day.

For everyone else, watch the resale market. And then shake your head sadly as $333 begins to sound like a really, really good deal.