It’s hard to beat the classic styling of a leather wallet, but Dosh is giving your old billfold a run for its money. Producing streamlined synthetic wallets designed for the modern gentleman, the Australian company puts a premium on minimalism and ease of use. Their latest is the Aero ($89), a six-card piece built with the global citizen in mind.

With a slightly taller body than your standard American wallet, the Aero is made to hold international currencies that might stick out of a smaller wallet. The bi-fold design is accentuated by a stainless steel money clip, and the whole package looks like it was made from a single piece of material, lending it a slick appearance that just makes sense.

Available in seven colors—including black with a bright red interior, navy blue and a couple shades of grey—the Aero can either be a loud declaration of character or an understated utility item. Check out the full line at Dosh.