Two things are always better than one. Just look at double cheeseburgers, a double shot of espresso, and the Olsen Twins. The people at Victorinox Swiss Army already knew that. Enter: the Travel Alarm 1884 Limited Edition pocket watch.

By combining the function of a traditional Swiss Army Knife and the undeniable style of a pocket watch, they have created a product that makes you look impressive to women (especially the punctual ones). 

Some highlights include its stainless steel, “Swiss army knife red” case, built-in toothpick and tweezers, and specialized MABS plastic composite. The only people you know now that wear them are old timey mayors, ticket takers on trains, and the Monopoly Guy. Now you too can join that club and maybe score at least one of the Olsen twins. Do your own research and order a watch today at Victorinox Swiss Army