If you love weed, and you love laughing, you probably love Doug Benson. The stoner “humoredian” is the star of the cult pot-u-mentary Super High Me. He’s also a regular guest on VH1’s Best Week Ever, and came in 6th on Last Comic Standing. Doug’s cannabis humor has become a kind of activism, taking him on the road this fall for the “Medical Marijuana Tour,” a stand-up comedy quest aimed at reefer-friendly states. He was good enough to answer a few questions for Made Man below.

Tell us about the Medical Marijuana Tour.
Don’t mind if I do! From Oct. 1 to Oct. 13, my buddy Graham Elwood and I are going to do a show in each of the 13 states that have legalized marijuana for medicine. 13 states in 13 days. We start in Rhode Island and end up in Hawaii. It’s going to be a bitch.  

Was pot always a defining part of your act? Or, did you transition into the subject as you’ve developed as a comedian?
The latter. I didn’t even smoke pot when I started doing stand-up. But other comics turned me on to it. I’d name names, but let’s not drag Greg Proops and Brian Posehn into it.

What strains do you like to smoke before performing? Which do you avoid?
Indicas make me sleepy, so I go with sativas before and after my shows. One of my favs is called Chocolope. Seriously.

What’s the best name for a strain of weed you’ve come across? What’s the worst?
Supposedly there’s a strain in Tennessee called "Doug Benson." Not sure how I feel about smoking myself. The worst names are the ones I can’t remember – like ones that have a lot of numbers in them. Or words.

If you could name a strain, what would you name it?
Sneaky Pete.

Do you know of any comedians who are as actively against marijuana as you are for it? Is there an, "Anti-Doug," out there?
Yeah, his name is Sinbad. Just kidding. I can’t think of any comics who are against marijuana.

A lot of comedians have day jobs to support their comedy at first. What kind of non-comedy gigs have you worked before the success of you comedy career?
I did lots of stuff, but always tried to keep it showbiz related. I was an extra in movies and tv shows, I was a tour guide at Universal Studios, I even worked for a while as a production assistant for Michael Jackson. In another twist of bad timing, I talked some shit about Michael on an episode of my I LOVE MOVIES podcast that was taped a few days before he died. 

You seem to put stand-up comedy first, as opposed to writing or acting as individual art forms. Has your recent success in stand-up presented new opportunities for pursuits beyond the microphone?
Yes, it has. my popularity as a comic got me SUPER HIGH ME, and the popularity of that movie is giving me lots of other opportunities. And free weed. So I can’t complain. But I do, because I’m a comic! 

Pot seems well on its way to legalization. Anything else currently illegal you’d like to see publically available?
No. I’m just a pot guy. But thanks for asking.

Does being high on stage affect your ability to deal with hecklers?
I don’t get heckled. Or I’m just too high to notice. So yes.

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