Remaining grounded as a celebrity is nigh on impossible. They are often handed tote bags that are worth tens of thousands of dollars when attending showbiz events, and they have people pining for their signature on every street corner.They are regarded as royalty, and as such, it can sometimes lead to them turning a bit bitchy. However, some celebs manage to avoid falling into this abyss. Here are the four most down to earth female celebrities on the planet.


Jennifer Garner


Mrs Affleck to her friends and neighbors appears to be one on the most down to earth people in Hollywood. She has effectively abandoned her cinematic career in order to raise her kids the honest way, and this has in turn allowed her husband, Ben Affleck, to flourish behind the camera too. She is often seen walking around LA in jeans and sneakers without any make up, and the darn thing is she still always manages to look smoking hot whilst doing it.


Sandra Bullock


Sandy B has gone from one of the hottest action starlets of the nineties to the most highly regarded actresses of the past decade. She has also been able to remain popular due to the fact that she doesn’t take herself seriously at all. Well, she probably does a little actually, considering that she has an Academy Award. Sandra is known to joke around on set, manages to look stunning on the red carpet without coming across as a diva, and even went on to attend the Razzies when her film, “All About Steve,” was rewarded for its deficiencies.




Coming from the rough streets of Tottenham, North London, Adele is a working class girl who had to endure her father abandoning her when she was just two, leaving her mother to raise her. But she has since gone on to use this heartbreak to inspire her sultry sound, and she is now one of the most coveted artists in the world. Her fortune is believed to be in the region of £30 million, but she still comes across as an affable, bubbly, and effervescent gal. What a trooper.


Amanda Seyfried


It feels like the “Mean Girls” star has been in the public eye for years, but the buxom blonde beauty is only 27. There is a good chance that in the next ten years she will become the most prestigious acting goddess in cinema. Let’s hope that she remains as beautiful, funny, witty, and polite as she is at the moment in the years to come.