For a podcast that entertains while it teaches, and leaves you smarter for having listened, check out Freakonomics Radio.

The show is brought to you by journalist Stephen J. Dubner (left) rogue economist Steven D. Levitt (right), the guys behind the books Freakonomics and Superfreakonomics. The bestsellers use the tools of economics to explore real-world behavior and endeavor to discover “the hidden side of everything.” For example, cheating teachers, why drug dealers deal drugs and the dangerous, dangerous world of backyard swimming pools. The podcast launched earlier in the year, was published intermittently, went on hiatus for a few months, and recently returned for what its creators say will be regularly scheduled shows.

In its return episode host Levitt asks, “Where did all the runs go in Major League Baseball?” Is it that fewer hitters are using steroids? No, the stats don’t back that up. Is it that pitchers are getting better? No, the numbers don’t add up for that, either. Is it the ballparks? Nope. The reason scoring is down in Major League Baseball is the one reason no one is talking about — defense. Dubner has the facts and experts (and by that I mean Doug Glanville) to back this up.

Freakonomics Radio, like the books that spawned the podcast, gives listeners a fresh perspective on everyday issues, challenges conventional wisdom and, best of all, makes you think.